iRTG Retreat 2022 in “Kloster Hegne” at the Lake Constance

At the end of August, doctoral students of the CRC 1173 met for the iRTG retreat 2022 at the monastery Hegne near Constance.

The interdisciplinary workshop aimed at introducing the participants of the different faculties to important basics of the respective other disciplines. Thus, presentations were prepared in advance in groups of two and three on topics such as an introduction to Maxwell’s equations from a physicist’s point of view, Strichartz estimates. But also topics such as neural networks and dealing with the version control system git were presented. The presentations led to lively discussions and served as an excellent introduction to foreign fields as well as a basis for future cooperation within the CRC.

Of course, the social part was not neglected: The lunch break between the lectures was used to go for a swim in Lake Constance at the hotel’s own beach. In the evenings, people sat together at the beach or in the club room of the hotel and shared drinks or played games together, which gave them the opportunity to get to know each other better away from work.

The highlight of the social program was a half-day excursion to the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen, a very impressive experience that all participants will surely remember for a long time. Afterward, they enjoyed dinner at a restaurant in Constance and let the evening come to a pleasant close.

In Focus: Ruoci Sun

R. Sun

R. Sun

About 80 scientists are united within our CRC to deal with wave phenomena. One of them is Ruoci Sun.

In December he joined our CRC as a postdoc in Xian Liao‘s Junior Research Group Nonlinear Helmholtz Equations. Despite the strict regulations he dared to come from Paris to Karlsruhe. We warmly welcome him!

And we would like to introduce him here with a short interview. Thank you for answering our curious questions…

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Summer School 2020 “Computational Photonics”

Welcome and openingOpening of the Summer School 2020 “Computational Photonics” at KIT

We are glad having the opportunity oganising the Summer School as a hybrid event in these extraordinary times and saying hello personally to Sven Burger, Christin David, Lothar Nannen, Philipp Schneider and Barbara Verfürth. Due to travel restrictions our lecturers Andrei Laurynenka, Owen Miller and Ole Sigmund will provide their lectures online. More than 155 researchers have been registrated from all over the world and will join the Summer School on-site and online.

We are looking forward having a exciting, instructive and successful week.

Computational Photonics – Summer School 2020

From September 21-25, 2020 leading experts (see the list below) will speak about important concepts and recent developments in the field of computational methods. Our recent Summer School will be complemented by computer tutorials to provide insights into the implementation and performance of various algorithms. Have a look at the schedule. The summer school will be an online event due to the Covid-19 situation. We organize the event on-site but with a proper streaming of all the lectures and exercises. If the situation relaxes in September and the regulations will permit we do it as a hybrid event.

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