In Focus: Ruoci Sun

R. Sun

R. Sun

About 80 scientists are united within our CRC to deal with wave phenomena. One of them is Ruoci Sun.

In December he joined our CRC as a postdoc in Xian Liao‘s Junior Research Group Nonlinear Helmholtz Equations. Despite the strict regulations he dared to come from Paris to Karlsruhe. We warmly welcome him!

And we would like to introduce him here with a short interview. Thank you for answering our curious questions…

Could you please give a short introduction into your scientific work field?

My research focuses on mathematical physics and analysis of PDEs, especially in integrable systems, spectral theory, multi-solitons, stability/instability of traveling waves, nonlinear scattering threshold, Hardy spaces etc. The most important result that I have found in my research so far is the construction of action-angle coordinates of the Benjamin-Ono equation on multi-soliton manifolds, which shows that this equation is completely integrable in the Liouville-Arnold sense. It can be considered as a first step towards the soliton resolution conjecture.

How did you get into mathematics and what were the most significant steps in your career so far?

I was very fortunate to be admitted in ENS Paris, which is the most significant step for me to begin my studies in mathematics. I loved the atmosphere of ENS which made me concentrate on learning and studying mathematics without being distracted. It is also a pleasure to thank my PhD advisor Patrick Gérard and Université Paris-Saclay for giving me the first chance to do mathematical research and teaching. The experience of 400 hours teaching at Université Paris-Saclay has offered me rich reserve of knowledge and skills.

In the CRC Wave Phenomena are considered analytically as well as numerically. Which of all research projects would you like to conduct within the CRC?

I am also very glad and fortunate to join the KIT and the project A12 of CRC 1173 as a postdoctoral associate in order to apply all I have learnt to deal with very interesting problems in PDEs. Every analytical/numerical project of this CRC is very interesting. Besides my affiliated project A12, I am particularly interested in the projects A5, A10, and B5.

About 80 scientists are united within our CRC to deal with wave phenomena. To what extent do you hope to profit from that?

I already have benefited a lot from the Seminar AG Nichtlineare Partielle Differentialgleichungen and the CRC Seminar. They are held online. Every talk is very interesting. I already gave two presentations in AG Nichtlineare Partielle Differentialgleichungen. I have learnt a lot from the communications with audiences and I appreciate the online CRC Tea sessions which are a good opportunity to get to know the whole team.

What is your balance to mathematics when you get stuck with a problem?

In my spared time I like to do some sports like fitness, badminton, jogging, etc., in order to balance my life with mathematics.

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