4th Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2016

What happens if you take some of the most brilliant minds in mathematics and computer sciences (Fields, Abel, Turing, Nevanlinna Prize Laureates) and bring them together with 200 young scientists?

This is exactly what’s at the heart of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (modelled after the similar annual Lindau Nobel meetings).
The result is a wonderful interaction between the young researchers and the laureates, creating some new scientific contacts and sparking ideas that might very well end up as the foundations of new research projects.

Sir Andrew Wiles' Lecture about Fermat's Last Theorem at the 4th HLF

Sir Andrew Wiles’ Lecture on Fermat’s Last Theorem at the 4th HLF, photo taken by Tobias Ried

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Travel Report: GRK 1838 Workshop – Quantum Dynamics and Functional Inequalities

Blaubeuren Workshop 2016 Poster (with kind permission of RTG 1838)

Blaubeuren Workshop 2016 Poster (with kind permission of RTG 1838)

In March 2016, we, that is a small delegation of the applied analysis workgroup at KIT (Ioannis Anapolitanos, Leonid Chaichenets, Michael Hott, Johanna Richter, and Tobias Ried), had the opportunity to participate in a workshop on Quantum Dynamics and Functional Inequalities, organised by the Stuttgart/Tübingen RTG 1838 “Spectral Theory and Dynamics of Quantum Systems”. It covered a very diverse range of topics from mathematical physics:

Benjamin Schlein (University of Zurich) gave an introduction to the derivation of effective equations for quantum systems with a large number of particles. In the case of bosons this leads to a description of the dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates.

The connection between functional inequalities and geometric problems, as well as their application in kinetic theory, were discussed by Michael Loss (Georgia Institute of Technology).

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Travel report on the recherche en binôme (research in pairs) program at CIRM

Once again we (Dirk Hundertmark, Tobias Ried, Semjon Wugalter) met at the international research centre CIRM (Centre International de Rencontres Mathematiques) just south of Marseille for a research in pairs programme. Two years ago at CIRM we started our new research direction in the study of regularity properties of complicated nonlinear evolution equations. The research centre is located in Luminy, just north of the Calanques, the famous cliffs in the southern French Provence. Spring time here is fantastic.

We are staying for two weeks, working together with Professor Jean-Marie Barbaroux from the University of Toulon. In addition, we had a very interesting discussion today with Professor Anne Nouri from the University of Marseille. CIRM is a perfect retreat for doing research in a quiet environment without any distractions. For example, the room they reserved for our studies used to be a chapel.


Enjoying a well-earned break… photograph by Tobias Ried

We are looking forward to the second week here. We are excited about our next research retreat in the autumn of this year at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. It will be interesting to compare the two experiences.