Im Fokus: Fatima Goffi

Dr. Fatima Goffi ist seit April 2018 in unserem SFB tätig. Als Postdoc erforscht sie die analytischen Aspekte von Wellenphänomenen.

How did you get into mathematics and what were the most significant steps in your career so far?

After my baccalaureate I wanted to study Computer Science. The first year was common to Mathematics and Computer Science, but then I felt more attracted to studying Maths. I did the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degrees at the university of my home city Batna. After that I moved to Algiers to do my PhD. At the moment I am continuing my research as a postdoc at the KIT. Each step in my career was of big interest for me. The most significant one was when I decided to switch my future career from Computer Science to studying Mathematics.

What do you like about being a postdoctoral researcher?

At the end of each step in my career, I had always the feeling that the next one will be the first. This is why I think that being a postdoctoral researcher is an important experience for me to get more into research and to gain more experience.

In the CRC wave phenomena are considered analytically as well as numerically. Which research project would you like to conduct within the CRC?

I like this collaborative relation between the analytical and numerical aspects for studying wave phenomena within the CRC. In my research project, I am working mainly on the analytical side. The numerical part is covered by my collaborators.

About 80 scientists are united within our CRC to deal with wave phenomena. To what extent do you hope to profit from that?

Working in the CRC allowed me to meet and discuss with experts from analysis and numerics. I think it is the right place to specialize in my research field.

Although Karlsruhe currently looks like a large construction site the location has a lot to offer. In addition to a newly renovated Math building and the Campus being directly in the city center you can enjoy your free time in the park or in one of the many restaurants and cafes. Did you already have time to settle in?

The location of the Campus, especially the Math building, is the first thing that attracted me during my first days in this nice city. The daily live is easy, because the city center is only a few hundred meters away. It’s the same thing with the greenery surrounding the famous Karlsruher Schloss – which is also the view that I have from my office window. I am lucky to be here!



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