9th Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Evolution Equations

From the 8th until the 11th of November a group of 13 people from the KIT went to Innsbruck to participate in the 9th Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Evolution Equations. It took place at the Bildungsinstitut Grillhof in Vill, just outside Innsbruck. The nice location with amazing views on Innsbruck and its surrounding mountains and the great food provided the perfect environment for a successful workshop.


View from conference location, taken by Simone Buchholz.

What was the workshop about? If you look up the meaning of “evolution equation” on the Encyclopedia of Mathematics, you will come across the following definition:

“An equation that can be interpreted as the differential law of the development (evolution) in time of a system. The term does not have an exact definition, and its meaning depends not only on the equation itself, but also on the formulation of the problem for which it is used. Typical of an evolution equation is the possibility of constructing the solution from a prescribed initial condition that can be interpreted as a description of the initial state of the system.”

As this definition might suggests there have been over 30 talks on a broad variety of topics, such as mathematical finance, nonlinear Schrödinger equations or the modeling of avalanches. They were all united by time dependence of the underlying equation and in the goal to find suitable methods for each specific problem. This included, amongst others, splitting methods, Krylov methods, exponential integrators and domain decomposition methods.

Beside the scientific part there was also a social program which provided opportunities to get to know the other researchers or to reconnect with people one has already met at other workshops or conferences before. It consisted of a wine tasting on Wednesday evening, an excursion to Rattenberg (a small town near Innsbruck, in fact with around 400 inhabitants the smallest town in Austria), which included a visit of the glass manufactory Kisslinger, and the conference dinner at Bierstindl in Innsbruck on Thursday.

We would like to thank the organizers for providing a perfect framework for this workshop, the two plenary speakers Mari Paz Calvo and Martin J. Gander for their interesting talks and all the participants for their presentations and the many interesting and fruitful discussions.


Conference photo, taken by Brigitte Eller.


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