Grand opening of CRC 1173

Time flies – our CRC is now 15 months old, and a lot has happened since its beginning. In fact, there were so many activities that up to now we did not find time to celebrate the official beginning of our CRC. This was made good for by a two-day event on September 15-16, 2016. On the evening of the first day many PIs, doctoral students, summer-school participants and friends came to celebrate the official opening in the atrium of Department of Mathematics with a common dinner.


KIT‘s vice-president for research Prof. Oliver Kraft had accepted our invitation to join us for the grand opening.  After having worked his way through thick traffic on the A8-motorway he honored our CRC through his motivating and appreciative speech. Our CRC is very grateful for the ongoing support from him and the entire presidential committee of KIT. Continue Reading →

New blog on mathematics of waves

On July 1st, 2015, a team of mathematicians from KIT embarked on a courageous scientific voyage. The team is completed by physicists and engineers from KIT and two mathematicians from Uni Stuttgart and Uni Tübingen.


We are called CRC 1173 “Wave phenomena: analysis and numerics” and we are funded by the DFG. We pursue our goal to analytically understand, numerically simulate, and eventually manipulate wave propagation under realistic scenarios by intertwining analysis and numerics.

Today, we start our blog and social media presence. Follow us on our adventurous journey through the ocean of waves.


On board of CRC 1173 there is a crew of more than 70 members. Meet some of these women and men, and find out what they do.
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