Nonlinear PDEs and Mathematical Physics workshop

Last week I had the pleasure to participate in the “Nonlinear PDEs and Mathematical Physics workshop” at the Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum which took place in Sanya, the main city of China’s province Hainan.
It is an island at the most southern point of China and quite close to Macao, Hongkong or Vietnam. Hainan is a tourist region and all participants of the workshop could benefit (but sometimes also suffer) from the warm temperatures around 28 degree (Celsius). In summer it is even warmer so that we were very glad to have this conference at the beginning of December.

The Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum is a splendid place with fantastic possibilities concerning accommodation, food and, last but not least, mathematics. All conference participants were offered well-equipped (bathroom, balcony, air-conditioning, panoramic view) and well cared for rooms during the stay. Given the temperatures some participants (basically those who did not forget their bathing clothes) could even benefit from the enormous swimming pool in the warm evening hours. Mathematically, the forum offers rooms and a library in order to enhance intense exchanges of ideas.

Group Photo for the Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics Workshop

Group Photo for the Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics Workshop

Our schedule comprised 33 talks distributed over three full days and two half days. The subjects of the talks mostly concerned elliptic or parabolic PDEs and several relations to our CRC’s research agenda could be identified. The two most prominent contributions related to “Waves” were the talks by Jaroslaw Mederski (Torun & Warsaw / Poland) and Prof. Tsutsumi from Kyoto / Japan. Jaroslaw talked about variational methods for proving the existence of “ground states for the curl-curl-equation” which lies at the heart of project A6. We will be glad to learn from and collaborate with Jaroslaw during his visit here in Karlsruhe in February. Prof. Tsutsumi spoke about global attractors for the so-called Lugiato-Lefever equation of 3rd order. His results were of particular interest for me since Prof. Wolfgang Reichel and I will soon have a published paper on the Lugiato-Lefever equation of 2nd order and several open questions about 3rd order dispersion could not be answered in that work. My own contribution to the conference was a talk on “Minimal energy solutions and Bifurcation Results for a Weakly Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger System” where I presented the results obtained in my PhD thesis and subsequent publications.

I am very happy having been invited to attend this conference and it would be a pleasure to return to Sanya at a convenient occasion. What a nice place!

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